Advantages Of Having A Garden At Your Office

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Any good real estate agent will encourage home owners to have tastefully manicured gardens in order to make the property more appealing to potential buyers. If you have a great garden in your home or office, the value of the property itself will significantly increase.

If you own your own office and have not yet considered having a garden as a part of it, you should think about it. There is proof to show that in a high stress and high pressured environment where noise, congestion, less than optimal surroundings and long hours drain out employees, a garden can have an almost therapeutic effect that enhances their work experience. Here are some of the main advantages that you, as a business owner will be able to enjoy if you have an office garden.

It increases attention and memory

Employees often struggle with having to deal with retaining long lists of deadlines and work that has to be completed. They also find that paying attention gets difficult towards the afternoon on most days and especially during long working hours. University of Michigan found in 2008 that having an office garden helps them stay focused, positive and calm with increased memory and attention spans. It’s one of the best reasons to get a well-kept garden with accurate Perth reticulation to ensure it’s always green around.water controls Perth

It nurtures team skills

This one is innovative. Instead of having them go out for team building activities, why not get them to do some great hands on fun work in the garden. For example, if it can be done well your staff could try to do some pump repairs or grow vegetables that you can give to the local community. It makes a person grow a personal connection to their office environment and helps them work better with each other. You can view more information by visiting

It helps employees stay fit

Sitting at a desk for extended hours each day and working on a computer constantly, does not treat our general health and fitness levels very kindly. The increase of stress related diseases propelled by sedentary lifestyles is proof of that. Having a garden encourages the employees to go out and take a walk before coming back in fully motivated to finish off their work with a completely refreshed mind. It will cut down health care costs for the company too.

Nature teaches us to nurture

Looking after or interacting with plants be it ornamental or otherwise, has been proven to have positive impact on the ability of humans to nurture their relationships. This does not just apply to the relationships that your employees have with their respective families, but also their coworkers and their superiors. Besides, employees with a great family life and balance will only be productive and efficient in office because their minds are at peace.