Common 1st Birthday Mistakes To Avoid

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One of the most overrated celebrations that happen to be quite popular across the globe are first birthday celebrations. New parents tend to go berserk and end up splurging loads of money and putting in a great deal of effort when their little one turns one. However, such effort it barely necessary because the child has no clue what’s happening! Here are some common mistakes that parents make when planning their child’s first birthday bash and how you can avoid them.


It’s quite normal to get excited for your little ones first bash. However, this does not mean you book a banquet hall at a luxurious hotel and get a massive 7 tier cake. This is merely a way of showing off and the baby barely has a clue as to what is going on. So make sure you create a plan and set a budget before you start planning. Keep in mind that it is alright to spend on the necessary aspects such as face painting, kids jumping castle hire Caroline Springs and good food, but excessive spending on unnecessary aspects must be avoided.

Not allowing the child to relax

One of the most common occurrences at a first birthday bash that most guests tend to witness is that the child does not stop crying and throws a tantrum either while cutting the cake or when forced to play with the other kids. To avoid such a scene, it is important to ensure that the child has taken a nap and rested well prior to the party. In addition, if the child does not prefer crowds, it’s best to ask the babysitter to take the child back to the room once the main celebrations are over.

Poor planning skills

Many a times, the parents tend to be so focused on ordering the best cake or choosing the most lavish decor, that they fail to think of the guests and how to keep them entertained. If you want to avoid kids running around the dessert table and toppling the cake or ruining the decor, then you must plan out some games and other fun activities to keep them occupied. You could get a jumping castle for hire as this will allow the parents to socialize and spend time with their friends while the children enjoy their playtime nearby, under the supervision of other babysitters.Regardless of how hard you try not to make any errors, it is inevitable. So keep these tips in mind to help you minimize making such mistakes and ensure that you plan a fun first birthday for your child.