The Surprising Advantages Of The Teatime Detoxing

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Unhealthy lifestyles are almost a distinctive trait of the modern-day humans. Between work schedules and hectic days that stifle the mind, poor exercise routines and plain unhealthy diets, it is no wonder that the human body finds it increasingly hard to tackle the number of impurities that hinder both mental and physical wellbeing. However, perhaps as an answer to this, different kinds of routines have popped up – with medicinal teas being one such practice. Here are some unexpected benefits of detoxifying teas:

  • Removing toxins from your digestive system – inflammations of the digestive tract can lead to a condition that has been commonly termed as the ‘toxic’ or ‘leaky’ gut. It is no secret that the health of the digestive tract directly affects the rest of the body, but this particular condition can create a number of problems as it allows undigested or poorly digested toxins in the intestines to directly pass into the bloodstream. Gluten intolerance, for example, is a result of the intestines allowing the broken down substances into the bloodstream. What tea detox Australia can do for you is alleviate and gradually reduce the inflammation of the digestive system, along with neutralizing the toxins present in them thanks to the high antioxidant content these teas possess.
  • Helping your liver – your liver is basically the powerhouse in charge of neutralizing toxins in your body. In addition to tackling the toxins in the body, it also produces and releases the substance known as bile, which helps the intestines to digest the fats. Whilst it usually can handle its functions alone, it never hurts to help out your liver, especially since in today’s age, processed foods, fast foods and other kinds of unhealthy foods have become mainstays of the human diet. Not to add, between detoxifying and producing bile, the liver is especially prone to inflammations, and a tiny teatox can go a great length towards ensuring your liver is in good health.
  • Clearing your skin – acne, eczema and other ailments of the skin are correlated to the presence of toxins and impurities in your body. In other words, the presence of these issues basically means your body is struggling to take flush out the toxins that either enter or are produced in your body. And therefore, if you can help your body detoxify through drinking medicinal teas, it makes sense that your skin will soon clear up and look rejuvenated in a few weeks.
  • Alleviating arthritis – whilst it is impossible to cure arthritis by simply drinking tea, the antioxidants in most tea varieties can help reduce inflammation. Basically, tea can help you alleviate the inflammations in the joints as a result of arthritis, especially rheumatoid arthritis, and thereby reduce the pain you feel as a result of this particular ailment. Check out more here